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PÉREZ AGUILAR ABOGADOS & ASESORES TRIBUTARIOS is a law firm, with offices in Madrid and Benidorm (Alicante), specialized in tax advisory services, whose basic pillars are professionalism, honesty and the vocation of customer service, based on a deep knowledge of the economic reality.

Its founder, María Pérez Aguilar, is an attorney with more than 20 years of experience who after working in the main Spanish law firms (Garrigues, Ernst & Young and Deloitte Legal) decided to take a new step in her professional career in order to create a law firm that reflects her personal ideals and that combines a service of the highest quality with a service more personalized and comprehensive.

The Firm provides tax and accounting advisory services in all its subspecialties, national tax, international tax and local taxation, both for individuals and legal entities.

Additionally, in order to provide a more complete service in the operations of its clients, the Firm is associated with the law firm ABCGC Abogados (A.Bercovitz Alvargonzalez Corcelles García-Cruces abogados) specialized in corporate, civil, procedural, bankruptcy and intellectual property law, whose partners are Manuel Corcelles and Jose Antonio García-Cruces and its main office is located in Madrid, at Calle Caracas 23, 1st Floor.

Our aim is that our strengths will redound to the success of our client based on the following elements of our culture: 

  • Comprehensive service and global vision: taxation, as other areas of law, must start from the understanding of a complex economic reality. From this understanding, we offer a comprehensive tax and legal services, because the solution to a problem has many derivatives and edges and only by analyzing and working on all of them can we offer a quality service to our clients.

  • Specialization and dedication: Our team includes experts in different areas with a wide professional experience. That, joint with our high level of commitment and dedication will allow us to offer a high-quality advice.

  • Client´s orientation: we are aware that the main thing is to respond to the needs of our customers and that our advice is useful. Therefore, for us it is essential to give a personalized and attentive service with the special and individual situations of our clients, offering solutions that fit their needs.